Subject: Re: Sub package proposal
To: TAKEMURA Shin <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/23/2000 01:26:47
"TAKEMURA Shin" wrote:

> The basic idea is that I want to install a part of a package. Mostly,
> I need man pages but I don't need document files. To do that, I want
> to introduce 'sub package'.
> [ proposal deleted ]
>   if command line is like:
>         pkg_add bash-2.04.tar.gz -man
>   pkg_add will install only:
>         bin/bash

This all sounds like a good idea, but i think using a different syntax
would make more sense.  Maybe the -s option (for Subpackage).  For

	pkg_add -s "core,man" bash-2.04.tar.gz

to install the "core" and "man" subpackages (either space or comma
separated subpackage names should work).  Even though it's probably not
needed, we could reserve "all" or "ALL" to mean the entire contents of
the package.

From the original list of core, ext, dev, sample, man and doc, we should
at least add "conf" for config files.  If we do this, I think it would
be a good idea to add a standard set of subpackage names to pkglint so
that the list of choices is somewhat under control.  An option to list
the subpackages would be good too.

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