Subject: Re: Sub package proposal
To: TAKEMURA Shin <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/22/2000 19:07:56
On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, TAKEMURA Shin wrote:
> Please comment.

Neat idea... and I sure have a few comments. :-)

 * the default should be to install 'all' subpackages, and
   options should be used to strip this down, to match the current
 * As a result of this, @ifdef should rather be @ifndef
 * Maybe be prepared to use more complex expressions than just a single

   @ifndef noman || nodoc
   @ifndef noinfo || nodoc

 * As keywords to mark sub-packages (man, doc, whatnot), maybe think
   about using regular expressions or shell globs (or pkg patterns?)
   instead of some fixed strings. This would make it possible to omit
   'man/*,share/doc/*' without a need to change the PLISTs at all,
   making it easier to both maintain existing PLISTs and create PLISTs

 * In the user interface (command line), the subpackages to be installed
   by pkg_add should follow  a single option in either comma, colon or
   space seperated list:

	pkg_add -o 'man/*,share/doc/*,info/*' emacs

   (-o for "omit")

 * pkg_info -qL must spit out only what's really installed. It will be
   easiest to only leave a list of files that were really installed in
   +CONTENTS. This also gives a later pkg_tarup a chance to survive.

 * Of course all of this MUST work via ftp

 - Hubert   

Hubert Feyrer <>