Subject: Maude
To: None <>
From: LraiseR <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/20/2000 01:26:47
Hi. I'm not on the list (yet), so please CC me an answer.

I have NetBSD-1.5Alpha2-i386 (not the latest snap)
I tried downloading and installing Maude ( 
FreeBSD version doesn't work at all, but the linux version works without 
even need of linux emulation (d'oh???). I do have COMPAT_LINUX in the 
kernel tho. Still, I wonder. Q: Why this? Because it's static and 
doesn't require any library?
Another point. I'd like to see the Maude packaged so that it can be used 
like all other packages. Where do I find information on building the 
data to be put on pkgsrc (if I can do it myself, saving you some work) 
or, what do I have to do to let you know? Note that I'd be willing to 
contribute with porting other packages not yet integrated (time 

Thanks for the information!!