Subject: QT
To: None <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/17/2000 20:18:45
I've now completed and cleaned up my qt-2.2.1 packages. They are
(currently) organised as follows

x11/qt2-libs		- the library part of qt-x11-2.2.0
x11/qt2-docs		- documentation
x11/qt2-designer	- the "GUI application framework"
x11/qt2			- meta package of qt2-*

As part of the same commit I will be updating all the packages that
currently depend on x11/qt (qt-2.0.2) to depend on the new x11/qt2-libs
package. x11/qt will then be removed.

Can I do all this without worrying about binary compatibility? I think I
can, but I want to make sure as I got a bit lost last time this was