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Date: 10/06/2000 12:20:43
Dnaprint (DNAP) an emerging biotech company is invited to the prestigious European conference as one of a few emerging companys to speak.

Excellent up to date infomation page (DD page) on DNAP;

Some facts about DNAP:

1) CEO (Dr. Tony Frudakis) Lead scientist for Corixa starts his own company a 
   few months ago
2) Company is formed by a reverse merger of a pinksheet company

3) DNAP has already completed the accounting to get off the pinksheets and 
   should be listed on the OTCBB soon.

4) Dr. Frudakis was  responsible for a patent that sold for $54,000,000 to 
   Smith Kline Beecham while he was at Corixa.
5) Corixa's stock has gone from 14 Cents a few years ago to 50 Dollars today.
6) According to the Barron's article, Dnaprint is in the late stages of forming 
   strategic alliances with major companies.

8) Dnaprint in 9/25/00 issue of Barrons (pg52).

Dnaprint information page;

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