Subject: Re: mozilla
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Gary Duzan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/05/2000 09:05:01
In Message <> ,
   Hubert Feyrer <> wrote:

=>On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Martin Husemann wrote:
=>> I would just wait for M18.
=>Maybe - I just realized that this is based on a daily snapshot.
=>I guess we should pick this up after the freeze again. :)
=>Gary: can you still make sure Mozilla builds on NetBSD, and whack them on
=>the head if needed? 

   Sure thing. I plan to rebuild (though only on 1.5_ALPHA2/i386/ELF)
from the snapshots every few days.  The point of the exercise was
to see if it would work and to set up a framework for future testing.
I deliberately left out the md5 file so that it would at least try
to work with whatever daily snapshot it got. I also expected that
having a current package would simplify moving to M18 when it
arrived, and posting it was simply to avoid duplicating effort.

					Gary D. Duzan