Subject: icecast
To: None <>
From: Harry W. Waddell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/02/2000 19:58:29
I need to setup some kind of internet radio and icecast looked like a good
option. It looks like icecast, from, was made into a package 
last year, but appears to be gone now?! It looks like it would be easy enough
to get working, except that my first casual attempts at compiling using the
pth package have failed.

So, if icecast was a package, why was it deleted? Was it a technical issues, a
man-power issues, etc... Searching the mailing list archives indicated
that it existed, but not why it's no longer there. Also, has anyone gotten
icecast working on -current or 1.4.3, as a pkg or otherwise?

Any answers to the above would be helpful. I'd like to get this running
and into a package. This should just work if the pthread issues can be handled

Harry Waddell
Caravan Electronic Publishing