Subject: Re: Libtool on NetBSD/ELF
To: Steinar Hamre <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/02/2000 10:31:34
On 2 Oct 2000, Steinar Hamre wrote:

: The (seriosly misnamed) version_type `linux' seems to be the most
: sensible one. It's used by most elf and ecoff platforms. The only real
: alternative is `freebsd-elf'.

No, both are completely braindead.

I added the support using the "sunos" version type for a very specific
reason:  it keeps a.out and ELF platforms uniform.  This was accepted by
general concensus a very long time ago.  Why this is no longer in libtool is
beyond me, but it should be there.

Changing this to "linux" or "freebsd-elf" will mean a crapload of PLIST
inconsistencies between a.out and ELF, among other things.  Try using
"-release", NOT "-version-info", to see the difference between the "sunos"
version_type and the others.

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