Subject: Re: Error compiling security/ssh
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/26/2000 10:23:54
On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 wrote:

> >> > sshconnect.o: Undefined symbol `_mpz_clear' referenced from text segment
> >> This sounds familiar... do you have the gmp package installed?
> >I've deinstalled gmp-3.0.1 because the ssh-distribution includes a gmp-package.
> >Now it works!
> 	Hubert, in security/ssh/Makefile, there's no DEPENDS line for gmp-*.
> 	is it okay?

Yes. The problem is that a having gmp-3.* _installed_ interferes with
the build against the included gmp-2.*. The trivial (and wrong)
solution would be to CONFLICT with gmp-3.*. Another possibility is to
modify the packages CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS to ensure that the included
gmp is preferred, but this looks non-trivial because of the
--with-ssl-dir argument. (Setting this to /usr/pkg may lead to
/usr/pkg being used in other places, too.)

Perhaps easiest would be to modify the package to build against the
packaged gmp-3.*. I seem to remember that librep required only a
single-line code change to go from gmp-2.* to gmp-3.*.

IMO, this should not hold up the 1.4.3 tag. The bulk-build should
ensure that gmp is not installed at build time, and furthermore, any
successfully created binary package will be unaffected by this.