Subject: Re: libtool & intra-library linking
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/20/2000 00:54:37
On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Frederick Bruckman wrote:

: > Interlibrary dependencies do work on NetBSD a.out.  If it doesn't work on
: > a.out in libtool, that's a bug in libtool too.
: They don't seem to work on 1.4.3/m68k. You can't link anything with
: "-lXt", for example, without also linking in "-lSM -lICE" manually.
: (See PR pkg/9971, for one.)

Now, there is a bug regarding the old ld not warning about missing symbols
in every case, but it does create the goop to make interlibrary dependencies
work.  This looks like XF86 (xsrc) isn't doing the proper dependencies at's link time.

Notwithstanding that it doesn't help for static libraries (and libtool has
workarounds for that case in the .la file), I can verify that interlibrary
dependencies are working on 1.4.2/i386.  In fact, the pkgsrc www/php3-*
modules use them.

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