Subject: FETCH_DEPENDS replacement?
To: None <>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/08/2000 15:27:04
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OK, so I'm updating x11/swing to set LICENSE=sun-swing-license, and then
to navigate sun's web forms to go get swing if that value is in

I have this working fine.  However, as an HTTP POST is necessary to make
this work, the `urlget' package is needed to download swing.

IIRC, once upon a time, this could have been specified by putting

	FETCH_DEPENDS+=	urlget:../../www/urlget

in the package Makefile.  This is no longer possible.

Neither BUILD_DEPENDS nor DEPENDS addresses this situation, as each only
gets invoked after the distfile has been fetched.  In addition, neither
really expresses the situation, as a user who already has the swing
distfile should not be forced to install urlget.

Before I look into kludging something into the pre-fetch: target, I'm
curious:  is there a way to specify this situation?  If not, should
FETCH_DEPENDS be resurrected, possibly with a package dependency?

As a side note, btw, for servlet-heads out there:  I will be adding the
same glue to the www/jsdk20 package as soon as this works...

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				Jim Wise
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