Subject: Using ns-remote as 'netscape' package
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/30/2000 08:49:02
	Currently the communicator package installs $LOCALBASE/bin/netscape
	This has two downsides
	    a) It leaves navigator users without a netscape command.
	    b) It starts a new netscape process even if one is running.

	The 'ns-open' command (part of the 'ns-remote' package) avoids
	problem b) by sending a command to an existing netscape to open
	a new window, and starting up a new netscape binary if that fails.

	I'd like to rename ns-remote to netscape, and have it depend on
	either communicator or navigator, probably defaulting to
	communicator (even though I prefer navigator myself :). At runtime
	if either communicator or navigator are running it will just ask
	them to open a new window. If neither communicator or navigator
	are running it will check for them ${LOCALBASE/bin, looking for
	communicator first - this of course would be overridable by
	setting an environment variable, maybe NETSCAPE_PREFERRED?

	What do people think?

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