Subject: Re: perl modules path
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/23/2000 10:43:50
Manuel Bouyer <> writes:
> Hi,
> 3 weeks ago I posted a proposal to properly handle path in perl module
> packages (see  
> So far the only comments I got were from Hubert, and he was happy with it.
> So if noone object I'll commit these changes (along with the few things
> Hubert suggested) and start convert packages.

I recently updated textproc/eperl on 15 August to deal with this
problem, since I had perl-5.6.0 installed and was unwilling to
downgrade to perl-5.004_04.  From the commit log for

    Make this work and de-install properly with perl5 + perl5-current.

    Include code in the Makefile to show how to use the installed .packlist
    to dynamically generate a PLIST for this package.  I couldn't use the
    solution proposed on tech-pkg since eperl installed some stuff in
    ${PERL5_SITELIB} under perl-5.00404, but in ${PERL_SITEARCH} under
    perl-5.6.0.  I imagine other modules will also show this difficulty
    since the Makefile for eperl was generated by ExtUtils::MakeMaker, so I
    think the .packlist way is the right thing to do.

That the files were installed in different places (SITELIB/SITEARCH)
made it impossible for me to use the suggestion that you had outlined
in your proposal.  Perhaps you could comment on the alternative
solution I cobbled together for using the installed .packlist to
generate a PLIST.


     -- Johnny C. Lam <>
        Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University