Subject: rp-pppoe invokes pppd, even on "make cleandir"
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/12/2000 12:15:56
It appears that the rp-pppoe package makefile has some serious
weirdness in it. Especially this:

BASE_PPPD=	/usr/sbin/pppd
PPPD_VERSION!=	${BASE_PPPD} --version 2>&1 | \
		${SED} -e 's/ patch level /\./' -e 's/.* //' | \
		${AWK} -F. '{printf("%d\n",$$1*1000000+$$2*1000+$$3)}'

Now, so far as I know, our pppd does not like to be invoked if hasn't
been properly set up. Try invoking it with /etc/ppp/options (and other
options files) missing and see what happens. Indeed, if you have a
weird pppd setup, you will find that --version doesn't work and that
pppd REALLY REALLY shouldn't need to be invoked by a makefile at
random, especially when doing a "make cleandir" -- this, er, caused my
machine some problems earlier today.

May I suggest that this be cleaned up ASAP? It isn't good. Indeed,
perhaps another mechanism could be used?

Perry E. Metzger
Quality NetBSD Sales, Support & Service.