Subject: please do not ever unconditionally 'strip' installed binaries!!!!
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/31/2000 13:44:08
Please do not ever unconditionally 'strip' installed binaries!!!!

I go to great pains to make sure my development system is friendly to
debuggers, and normally this is done simply by using the following
/etc/mk.conf settings:

	COPTS?=         -pipe -O2 -g
	HOST_CFLAGS?=   -pipe -O2 -g

For the most part this works very well.  However a slowly increasing
number of packages are unconditionally stripping installed binaries,
often with a target like this in the pkgsrc makefile:

		@strip ${PREFIX}/sbin/fping

It's one thing to allow for this questionable behaviour but quite
another to actually hide it from obvious view with '@'!  GRRR!!!!

Please shoot and destroy all such nasty constructions on sight!  THANKS!

(Or do we have to re-incarnate the "STRIP=strip" mk.conf setting for
those people who think they know better than the package author, i.e. so
that I can set it to "STRIP=:"?  I would hope not, but....  At worst
packages should have their build & install stuff modifed to honour the
existing STRIPFLAG setting, I think.)

Even more seriously speaking I think everyone on tech-pkg and on
current-users, who can possibly spare the necessary resources that is,
should be doing as I do and always compile with '-g'.  Sometimes
rebuilding a binary with debugging isn't possible, and other times it
seems to fail to properly match the core file, and as a result it is
*so* much easier to examine an existing core file than it is to figure
out how to reproduce the failure with a new binary.  Never mind that
lots of people are too busy (or lazy :) to re-build a binary with '-g'
in the first place!

							Greg A. Woods

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