Subject: Bugs in pkgsrc distribution
To: netbsd-portmac68k <>
From: Ladislav Popov <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/25/2000 16:14:35
I have to compile php with PostgresSQL database and I found errors in
PostgresSQL includes files are in directories /usr/pkg/include/pgsql/.
Most programs and needs includes form pgsql, including ap-php3 what I
compile was looking in /usr/pkg/pgsql/include/.

But I was succesfull when I copy files from /usr/pkg/include/pgsql to
/usr/pkg/pgsql/include/ -- but this make duplicate files and it could be
problem, when you upgrading pgsql or deleting pgsql.

Could somebody make change in pkgsrc distribution to solve this? The problem
I find on macppc and also mac68k NetBSD.