Subject: Question on package philosophy
To: None <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/25/2000 00:44:12
I'm currently working my way through building each package in the tree
and checking for a proper build without errors.

Now, my philosophy here is that it should be possible (within reason) to
start at pkgsrc/ and type


and have things just start working through the trees and not aborting unless
they get to an error of some sort (actually right now it doesn't matter as
any error on a subdir build gets ignored over by default. I have a local
patch to make this a flag but I digress). I realize this causes dependencies
to get installed but on the first pass I'm going to live with that (I'll
build with a complete deinstall depends on each step after this pass)

In at least one case right now you can't do an unattended make (cddbd has the 
config script). On things like this with cddbd what is the general opinion 
here? In my local copy I patched to take an override from mk.conf
so I can just set the appropriate vars up and shoot off a long term build.