Subject: Re: mail/sendmail8.10
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/24/2000 13:28:39
>> 	wide patch adds IPv6 support and more things (i vaguely remember
>> 	that this is some part in LMTP support).  smtpfeed wants the "more
>> 	things" part from wide patch.  i'll make "sendmail893", which is
>> 	8.9.3 + wide patch.
>In that case sendmail893wide may not be wrong... (with
>PKGNAME=sendmail-8.9.3.wide or so)

	i found the above "LMTP support" patch for 8.10.1.  i'll make it
	work for 8.11.0 and integrate into pkgsrc/mail/sendmail (8.11.0),
	and remove the need for pkgsrc/mail/sendmail893.

>> 	yes, sendmail supports IPv6 in 8.10.0 and beyond.  8.10.0 has some
>> 	issue in backward compatibility (enables IPv6 listening socket even if
>> 	we use old cf file). 8.11.0 is better in this aspect.
>OK. BTW, could smtpfeed be changed to work with 8.11.0, assuming that it
>(8.11.0) has the apropriate "more things" from the wide patch? In that
>case we could drop the sendmail893(wide) pkg at all, no?

	unfortunately, 8.11.0 does not integrate the "LMTP support" part
	from the wide patch.  so we need "8.11.0 + wide patch" or
	"8.9.3 + wide patch" for smtpfeed to work.

		IPv6 support	better LMTP support for smtpfeed
		--		---
8.8.8		no		no
8.8.8 + wide	yes		yes
8.9.3		no		no
8.9.3 + wide	yes		yes
8.10.0		yes but buggy	no
8.10.1		yes but buggy	no
8.10.2		yes but buggy	no
8.11.0		yes		no
8.11.0 + wide	yes		yes