Subject: Re: mail/sendmail8.10
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/24/2000 13:17:39
>On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 wrote:
>> 	i looked at local tree.  current situation in the tree is:
>> 		pkgsrc/mail/sendmail: 8.9.3 + wide patch
>> 		pkgsrc/mail/sendmail88: 8.8.8 (due to the license twist)
>> 	the correct actions would be:
>> 	1. make pkgsrc/mail/sendmail.wide, for 8.9.3 + wide patch
>> 	   (copy from pkgsrc/mail/sendmail)
>> 		(pkgsrc/mail/smtpfeed wants it)
>> 	2. upgrade pkgsrc/mail/sendmail to 8.11.0
>> 	does it sound correct?
>Wide patch is to get IPv6 going in old sendmail, right? 
>If that patch just adds a feature without disabling others (say IPv4) I'd
>say to name it sendmail893 instead of sendmail.wide.

	wide patch adds IPv6 support and more things (i vaguely remember
	that this is some part in LMTP support).  smtpfeed wants the "more
	things" part from wide patch.  i'll make "sendmail893", which is
	8.9.3 + wide patch.

>#2 is ok - does
>8.11.0 include IPv6 support by default?

	yes, sendmail supports IPv6 in 8.10.0 and beyond.  8.10.0 has some
	issue in backward compatibility (enables IPv6 listening socket even if
	we use old cf file). 8.11.0 is better in this aspect.