Subject: Re: Lynx package(s)
To: Jim Spath <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/20/2000 09:07:16
On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Jim Spath wrote:

> There are 2 lynx packages, lynx and lynx-current. My last sup (June
> 23rd) shows lynx to include lynx-2.8.2, and lynx-current to include
> lynx-2.8.3. The former includes a IPV6 directory, while the latter does
> not. I am unclear as to what the difference is. Lynx-current should
> probably include lynx-2.8.4 dev by now.

The lynx-current package also has the MoxieNet SSL patches. Assuming that
it will be OK to distribute crypto binaries after October, I think it
would be good to have the lynx package be 2.8.3 with SSL, IPV6 and NLS,
and for lynx-current to track the development version more closely,
especially if the lynx developers merge some of this stuff into their main

There is already an IPV6 patch in the lynx-2.8.3 distribution directory,
but the last time I checked, it didn't apply cleanly. It would be very
nice if someone would reconcile the distribution patch with the lynx
package patches and re-submit it to the development team.
> My main question on this topic is how to include NLS message catalogs.
> The Lynx distribution does not include the full catalogs, as they are
> collected and distributed by a different group, the Translation Project.
> Would a patch the the main lynx package by the right way to go, or
> should there be a different "lynx-intl" package with patches to retrieve
> the catalogs? My opinion is there should be a single package for the
> latest release, and one for the development version.

I suggest you compose the changes to lynx-current, for now. In general,
add the url's to DISTFILES, and use a post-extract target to copy them
into the right place.

> Just for reference, here are URLs for the distributed catalogs for the
> lynx-2.8.3 release:
> These files would be copied to the po/ directory as ja.po, for example,
> before lynx is compiled and installed.
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