Subject: Re: openssl 0.9.5a imported in to netbsd-current.
To: matthew green <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/16/2000 18:29:19
>i have imported that latest openssl release.  it includes hundreds of
>changes, so look at the new CHANGES file in crypto/dist/openssl.
>i will be pulling this upto the netbsd 1.5 branch at the request of
>as usual, please log any new problems with send-pr(1) and i will
>address them asap!

	how should pkgsrc deal with openssl versions?  there are way
	too many possibilities, including:
	- very old openssl from pkgsrc
	- openssl 0.9.4 from pkgsrc
	- openssl 0.9.5a from pkgsrc
	- openssl 0.9.4 in base tree, without RSA
	- openssl 0.9.4 in base tree, with RSA (PATENTEDOPENSSLSRC)
	- openssl 0.9.5a in base tree, with RSA