Subject: Re: sup question
To: Mark <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/29/2000 13:28:40
On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 09:20:16AM -0700, Mark wrote:
> I've just begun to try to install some of the packages in "pkgsrc". I
> did the "ftp" method first and then decided to try using "sup".

Just to clarify - are you trying to setup pkgsrc on your system, or
you already have it set up and are trying to use it to install some

If it is the second, then you can't use sup - most software distribution
sites only support http and/or ftp. Just
cd /usr/pkgsrc/category/program && make install

> The first road-block I've run into with sup is that I get the following
> error:
>   SUP 8.26 (4.3 BSD) for system software at Jun 29 02:18:38
>   SUP: Can't find my host entry

Could you tell us the command line you're using, and which sets you are
trying to sup?

> During my search for the answer, I came across references to various
> sup configuration files (/etc/coll.list /etc/coll.what /etc/
> /etc/coll.dir). However, I can find no documentation that indicates what,
> exactly, to put in these files and in what format.

Generally, you can use a simple sup.conf file to do what you want.
Take a look here:

Also, be aware whether you want to get a release version, or follow

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