Subject: libtool update path
To: None <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2000 12:07:52
  Hi folks,

  since more and more programs break with our hopelessly outdated
pkglibtool (and it therefore gets more and more cumbersome to create the
necessary patches for new packages), I would like to update our package
system to use our current libtool (vs. pkglibtool) RSN.

  The problem is that this is not a drop-in replacement, because
pkglibtool, unlike the original libtool, does not install ".la" files. 
Also, some patches we now use to make our packages work with pkglibtool
instead of libtool might have to be removed.  This sounds like a lot of
work for our approx. 150 packages that have USE_LIBTOOL defined.

  I would therefore like to propose a different solution: instead of
immediately switching all these packages to the new libtool, we
s/USE_LIBTOOL/USE_PKGLIBTOOL/ in all packages and, and add a
new USE_LIBTOOL that depends on the new libtool package.  This way, we
can immediately use the new libtool for new packages, and fade out
pkglibtool more slowly (read: within the precious little time budgets we
all have available).

  Objections, comments, ideas?