Subject: license nits on "adzap"
To: None <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/20/2000 10:08:33
So, www/adzap has no explicit license in the actual distribution
tarball, but does contain an "interesting" license on its web page:

   Until Wednesday 26may1999, this code was free for use by all. However,
   the Australian Government brought in some truly stupid and invasive
   legislation, so this code is now free except that it MAY NOT be used
   to enforce or support that legislation or other legistlation of
   similar intent. I'm happy for people to use it to filter their own
   browsing, but not for people to force their morals onto others.

Assuming we want pkgsrc to respect the wishes of the author, I suspect
this should translate into "LICENSE=no-use-for-censorship" or
"LICENSE=voluntary-filtering-only" or some such, with an explanatory
comment in the makefile to force people installing the package to be
aware of this restriction/request from the author.


					- Bill