Subject: Re: tex + no x11
To: Jim Bernard <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/18/2000 22:04:57
>> i've decide to install tex.  i think i remember how to use it, and if
>> i can i'll be very pleased, since it will enable me to send dvi files
>> back to the people that have been sending me pdf files and word or
>> excel documents.  i can't read that, you can't read this.
>  Gee, doesn't *everybody* use word these days?

apparently yes, but i don't have to like it, or put up with it.

in fact...i think i'll gzip the dvi files after i uuencode them, so
that the base64 encoding on the mime attachment doesn't impact the
size of the attachment too much.  :)

>> the machine i wanna install it on has no x.  never had, never needed
>> it.  do i really need to install x to use tex?  or is there some other
>> way around this?
>  I believe the only parts of TeX that use X are the character-previewing
>feature of metafont (apparently in mfw) and xdvi.  So, it *might* be
>sufficient to tell the pkg not to USE_X11, and to modify the teTeX-bin
>Makefile to include the CONFIGURE_ARGS: --without-x11 --without-oxdvik
>--without-xdvik and to omit --with-x11.

okay, i'll try that.

>  Of course, you might want to view your output, and it's awfully hard to
>figure out what your document looks like by reading the output of dvitype :-).

well...i can look at them on other machines, or print them, yes?  :)

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