Subject: Re: Please test: ghostscript 6.01 + VFlib support
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/07/2000 03:58:34
SUNAGAWA Keiki <> wrote:

Keiki> Thank you for the quick response.  I got the archive
Keiki> you repacked and I'm downloading main ghostscript 6
Keiki> tarballs now.  My connection to the Internet is
Keiki> dial-up line, so it'll take some to post the result.

It works great include showing Japanese PS/PDF files exept
one thing.  It couldn't find location of the gdevprsc driver
when running make.

`make fetch-list' shows like this.  Acording to
around lines 765, it seems strange.  After I got the archive
by hand, all the rest worked ok.

Sorry for only reporting.

/bin/mkdir -p /a/distfiles/
/bin/mkdir -p /a/distfiles/ghostscript
cd /a/distfiles/ghostscript && [ -f gdevprsc-0.2.tar.gz -o -f gdevprsc-0.2.tar.gz ] || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /usr/bin/ftp  || /bin/echo gdevprsc-0.2.tar.gz not fetched

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