Subject: Re: New Packages
To: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/06/2000 03:32:31
On Sat, 6 May 2000, Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:
> 	2. kmp3
> 		A mp3 player written for the KDE environment...
> 		In constant use here... ;-)

Hum, any comparison to gqmpeg?

> 	3. kdk
> 		KDE Development Kit, the mega-package for kdevelop

Can you rename this to kdevkit, k-devkit, kdevkit or kdedevkit? That way
it's more obvious what the pkg's sense is. (If you have a list of 1000
pkgs and have to choose what to install, this helps).

 - Hubert

NetBSD - because Unix isn't just #include <linux.h>, i386, ELF, ...!