Subject: New Packages
To: tech-pkg <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/06/2000 10:55:05

kdevelop version 1.2 was committed yesterday.

Now that I've completed most of my assignments, I like to invest some
time into the pkgsrc tree... ;-)

Find below my intended schedule for maintenace and new commits:

Pkgsrc maintenance -

	1. rrdtool

		Upgrade rrdtool to version 0.21

	2. tfkiss

		Upgrade tfkiss to version 1.2.3

	3. tnt

		Upgrade tnt to final version 1.9

I've a few packages used locally which may be worth committing if
there is any interest:

	1. bluefish

		A GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer 
		featuring project managment, setup and configuration
		wizards, CSS dialogs, syntax highlighting, HTML
		toolbar, tearable menus and reference for PHP3, SSI
		and RXML. A very nice package all around...


		Ready for commit

	2. kmp3

		A mp3 player written for the KDE environment...
		In constant use here... ;-)


		Ready for commit

	3. kdk

		KDE Development Kit, the mega-package for kdevelop
		comprising c_cpp_reference, cervisia, kdbg,
		kdelibdocs-kdoc2, kdesgmltools, kdevelop, kdoc2,
		and ktranslator. The option here would be to kill
		the kdevelop pkg in favour of kdk or use the 
		conflict variable to avoid intallation conflichts
		between them.


		Ready for commit

	4. metaHtml

		Meta-HTML is a programming language specifically
		designed for working within the World Wide Web
		environment.  Although it is suitable for large-scale
		it provides the most commonly wanted Web functionality
		as built-in primitives.


		Ready for commit, but needs testing on
		platforms other than i386. Drop me a line if you like
		to give it a go.

	5. krabber

		Krabber is a front-end for serveral text based
		applications and ultimatively may be used for CD
		ripping. Looks promising...


		Linux's implementation of accessing the CD
		devices needs porting. A few other quirks in need to
		be resolved. I need help on the CD devices in order to
		finish this project - any volunteers to give me a

The list is in order of my current priorities With nobody objecting, 
I will work my way down the list... ;-)

As always, your comments are very much appreciated...

cheerio Berndt
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