Subject: RE: [Spruce-list] FreeBSD compile problem - possible solution
To: None <>
From: Robert D. Mohr <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/25/2000 00:41:18

This may work for FreeBSDers, however the LinuxThreads port isn't currently
available for NetBSD.  In addition, neither of the thread packages
(mit-pthreads, unproven-pthreads) which are available in the NetBSD package
collection have been ported to my platform (mips: pmax).  The MIT package is
currently available for alpha, arm32, i386, sparc, and m68k.  The other just
supports i386, arm32 and m68k.  Obviously not your problem, however I just
wanted to let you know that the possible solution you mentioned isn't
workable for NetBSDers.

Rob Mohr

(P.S.  NetBSD package maintainers...  if I am incorrect, please let me know)

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> Subject: Re: [Spruce-list] FreeBSD compile problem - possible solution
> It seems that BSD users might need to install the LinuxThreads
> port in order
> to successfully build/run Spruce as it currently is.
> I recognize that this is a "hassle" and that I should find a better way to
> handle this in the future. If anyone has experience programming on BSD
> systems using posix threads, I would greatly appreciate a fix
> whether it be
> a configure option or, better yet, some way to autodetect which lib is to
> be used and any source modifications might be needed.
> In the meanwhile, I will add that requirement to the README file
> for future
> releases.
> I thank you all for reporting this problem and for using Spruce ;-)
> Jeff
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