Subject: Re: IPv6 package detection
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/30/2000 07:43:07
>> 	Hello, how does
>> 	detect IPv6-ready pkgsrc?  I wonder why net/bind9 is considered as
>> 	IPv6-ready package, while it has no BUILD_DEFS+=USE_INET6. 
>>From pkgsrc/Makefile:
>        @grep -l USE_INET6 */*/Makefile | sed s,.Makefile,, >$@.pkgs
>	...
>If we find something smarter, we sure can use it, but I didn't find
>anything better.

	Thank you for clarfication.
	Hmm... so, by having the following comment in Makefile it will be
	considered IPv6 ready :-)

# We do not support IPv6, do not define USE_INET6 yet

>> What is
>> 	the right way to write Makefile for:
>> 	- pkgsrc that are not IPv6 ready
>> 	- pkgsrc that are always IPv6 ready
>> 	- pkgsrc that autodetects IPv6 readiness
>AFAIK we don't have any way to express this right now.

	I think mandating BUILD_DEFS+=USE_INET6 on IPv6 ready (both always
	and autodetect), and checking for /^BUILD_DEFS.?=.*USE_INET6/
	would be more stable.