Subject: gnuchess (was: CVS commit: pkgsrc)
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/26/2000 20:00:20
"Johnny C. Lam" wrote:

> Log Message:
> Update gnuchess to 5.00.  From the GNU chess web page:
>    Version 5.00 is the current release. Version 5.00 shares no code with
>    versions 1.x through 4.x. The major motivation for this release is to
>    simplify chess code making it more pedantically accessible, use modern
>    data structures, make it easy to modify by less skilled programmers,
>    and increase understandability to non-programmer, skilled chess
>    experts.

Could we consider a "gnuchess-current", or sticking the old one in
"gnuchess4"?  5.00 is nowhere near as polished 4.0.pl80, and based
on the ``motivations'' I wouldn't be surprised if it played a much
weaker game either.