Subject: Re: the man who said "make update sucks!"
To: None <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/23/2000 06:47:46
.. was probably me and some "anonymous" person bricked me on ICB for this ;-)

To make sure I didn't stomp on anybodys emotions, please let me explain:

In the beginning I didn't like the pkg system (in the sense of: I ignored
it completely) after trying a few pkg's and ending with something completely
different from my previous manual installs (prominent test cases for me:
apache and samba, both moved their config files to some absurd and unusual
place [from MPOV at that time]).

Later I had to replace a dying machine as fast as possible and since that time
I understand the pkg system and it's file layout and I love it. I realy 
appreciate all the all you guys put in it and I'm benefitting from it now
every day.

The system is realy great in installing new software.

It is not that great when in tracking changing software (i.e. GNOME) and
coping with some types of change. Compressed into three words that
was "make update sucks".

I think most of the necessary tools are there, most designs are correct, just
some implementation bugs need to be shaken out.

I'm still fighting my "update all installed pkgs/update all pkgs that need
an update" script. It's a hard fight and I've little spare time to invest
here. I'll report any errors as soon as I understand what happens. Some
pieces of the puzzle start to fit but where hidden by the underlying magic
when I first encountered them ("Resuming update for..." after a 
"make clean && make update" is - uhmm - unexpected).