Subject: Re: DEPENDS xxx OR yyy
To: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/12/2000 03:47:07
On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Scott Aaron Bamford wrote:
> The package works with either pgp2 pgp5 or gnupg, is there anyway i can
> make the package depend on any one of these? or do i need to choose
> one/none and just set it up for that?

Sure, use C-Shell style wildcards:

DEPENDS+=	{pgp2-x.*,pgp5-y.*,gnupg-z.*}:../../some/default

This will also work with binary packages. (Of course :-)

> Also, when i finaly do decide my packages are how they should be (not for
> some time yet) what is the procedure to submit them? I saw in the
> Pacakges.txt the cvs import commands, but surely only certain people have
> the privalidges to do this?

Packages.txt, #10.2: 

   First, check that your package is complete, compiles and runs well; see
   section 8 and the rest of this document. Then, generate a gzipped
   tar-file of all the files needed for the package, preferably with all
   files in a single directory. Place this tar-file to a place where the
   package maintainers can fetch it using FTP or HTTP (WWW). Finally,
   send-pr with category "pkg", a synopsis which includes the package name
   and version number, a short description of your package
   (contents of pkg/COMMENT are OK) and the URL of your tar-file.

   You will be notified if your send-pr has been addressed so you can remove
   the tar-file.

 - Hubert

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