Subject: questions on package system
To: None <>
From: John Refling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/10/2000 16:38:45
1. Is there a way to rename one fetched file, so that it
   will be stored in the distfiles with the new name?
   The original name is too generic.  The package system
   should recognize the two names interchangeably.
   Unfortunately, there are many files to be fetched, but
   I only need to rename one!

2. Currently, all files go to /usr/pkg/{bin,lib,share}, etc.
   In some cases (maybe the package is huge, or conflicts
   with other packages).  Is there some acceptible way to
   separate some of these huge packages into their own tree,
   eg, /usr/pkg/zyx/{bin,lib,share}, or is this discouraged?
   [I know HOW to do it, just wondering if we ARE doing it]

3. Is there recommended way to test for X installed on the
   build target in the Makefile?

4. Is there a way to have a local package tree, ie, stuff
   that I'm working on that is not of interest to others,
   but of course depends on things in the main tree?  Now
   I use links into the main tree for the mk dir and other
   dependencies.  This is error prone.

5. Is is possible to cvs/sup thru a firewall?  I have
   ftp_proxy and http_proxy set, and can ftp and use lynx,
   etc, but I think that's it.