Subject: Re: packages build (from current-users)
To: Alistair G. Crooks <>
From: Tom Javen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2000 13:09:54
On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Alistair G. Crooks wrote:

> > >   You cannot create a package tar ball without installing the package
> > > first.  However, you can set LOCALBASE to something other than your
> > > usual installation location (/usr/pkg, by default).  This should at
> > > least work for non-X11 packages.  For X11 packages you'd have to change
> > > X11BASE, but for this to work, you probably need a full X11 installation
> > > there first.
> > Yes , but the real problem is in /var/db/pkg which is used to check
> > if the package already exists. Setting LOCALBASE does not change this
> > behaviour. 
> If you want to put the "database" files somewhere other than /var/db/pkg,
> set the environment variable: PKG_DBDIR. I know some people who keep all
> their "database" files under ${LOCALBASE}. Each to their own.
maybe I'll try this in my build script.

> > cross compilation of packages is maybe a bit difficult if you
> > insist on installing before making the tarball.
> pkgsrc is not set up for cross-compilation - most of the GNU
> configure scripts make a wild attempt to guess whether cross-compilation
> is taking place, but the configure scripts themselves make far too
> many assumptions about the host machine. I wouldn't like to think
> what imake would do if it was handed something for cross-compilation.
> pkgsrc itself makes a few assumptions which it probably shouldn't.

No , I'm not trying to crosscompile . I just want to have my server
generate package-tarballs instead of compiling on every workstation.

I already tried to nfs export the pkgsrc and do the compilations
on my server and tried to do just 'make install' on the workstations
but it didn't work well.

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