Subject: Package standards (and sorta Re: wmnet port, sorta)
To: None <>
From: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/04/2000 03:44:50
> I've hacked wmnet-1.05, a network monitor, to work under

on the subject of windowmaker/afterstep docs, i ported ascpu (didnt really
require much work) asmem (my patch ended up in the distro now (1.6) and
packaged up 3 or 4 more as/wm apps.

anyway, the questions i wanted to ask is, other than pkglint (which all my
packages pass) is their any document/howto on packageing up software, id
like to add these packages, and some others (gogo-222, irssi, gnomeicu,
aterm) but i want to make sure my packages follow the right standards
before i sugest them being put in the pkgsrc tree.

can someone point me to a address, or direct me in the right direction

finaly is there any chance of making a `applet' or simalar catagoury under
the pkgsrc (if there becomes enuf packages) for wm/as/ applets and e
epplets? i just think x11 is a big enuf catagoury as it is without adding
more `little' apps to it.

anyway, not really related to the origianl message but it spaked them
thoughts off.


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