Subject: Re: removing RUN_DEPENDS
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/27/2000 23:01:57
On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Hubert Feyrer wrote:

> Right now, we pull in the RUN_DEPENDS when both installing from pkgsrc
> (because the pkg is thought of "running" then) as well as when installing
> via pkg_add - that's just like DEPENDS, and that's why I'd like to see it
> gone.

Yeah, it's not especially useful like it is. I have some idea to use
RUN_DEPENDS differently, but I don't have time to develop it right now.

> > On that note, I'm not sure I like your last change to the update
> > target, concerning BUILD_DEPENDS. Why are we rebuilding and
> > reinstalling "gmake" everytime we update a package that needs it? This
> > is a problem on the slower machines (such as mac68k), that take a few
> > minutes just to install and register a package, and on top of that, it
> > strikes me as completely unnecessary.
> Uh, i'm not aware I ever touched the update target, at least not on
> purpose. Can you give me a revision number?

OK, not the update target as such, but the deinstall target (1.408).
It's not clear to me why it's necessary, only now, to delete the
BUILD_DEPENDS. Even if you have a package that requires a particular
version of, say, automake to build, you still lose when the user runs
"pkg_delete" manually.