Subject: Re: Do we want a list of IPv6 enabled packages?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/09/2000 11:41:55
>> 	There can be pkgsrc that are made IPv6 ready automagically
>> 	(even without checking USE_INET6).  How can we detect those?
>> 	1. we should be putting USE_INET6 if clause, and explicit
>> 	   --enable-ipv6 or --disable-ipv6, for more robust build.
>> 	2. put CATEGORIES+=v6 so that we can check those
>> 	3. leave it as is
>Good point... the script right now does a "grep USE_INET6". 
>I guess adding this to pkgs that use v6 even without telling it would be
>too much of a hack. For the CATEGORIES+=ipv6, we could add that in
> (in the same place where we find out about USE_INET6), but than
>we can't detect again if a pkg does v6... hum!

	I think grep'ing USE_INET6 is good enough to catch "explicitly
	IPv6-ready" pkgsrc.  Having the list should be quite useful.

>No idea, really. Do we happen to have a list of affected pkgs here?

	I don't have the list of implicitly IPv6-ready pkgsrc.

>(BTW, I just talked to ichiro <> on IRC, and he mentioned
>that kame has a copy of pkgsrc... i think you can nuke the sendmail6 and
>smtpfeed pkgs from there :-)

	As soon as 1.4.2 ships, we'll remove them from KAME pkgsrc.
	(we try not to force kame/netbsd141 users to go to full
	pkgsrc-current land)