Subject: Re: Five and a half more pkgsrc questions
To: Alistair G. Crooks <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/07/2000 14:10:00
On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 02:09:35AM -0800, Alistair G. Crooks wrote:
> > 5. static libraries (.a) distributed with a package don't need to 
> > be installed when:
> Please just install them - then any NetBSD ports which cannot handle
> dynamic libs will be fine. Also, there are fewer PLIST issues if you
> just add the and libfoo.a entries to the PLIST.

cdrdao builds .a libs, but doesn't install them normally. It doesn't
build any .so libs, so I didn't use libtool.

> > 7. It is acceptable to build X11 optional packages:
> Firstly, I'd package up just the text-only bit. Then, if I found
> I was wanting the X11 features, I'd add that, probably as a separate
> package. Then the tk and gtk versions of the package. But get the thing
> in-tree first in a working but minimalist version...

cdrdao has text, and GTK modes. As built, my text package would try to
detect gtk, and if it does, the package probably needs to conflict with
a cdrdao-gtk, once one exists... on the other hand, I could tell it to
not test...

> All of these questions, except the static libs one, are quite
> general - it might be better if the problem was encountered first,
> and then a solution was sought. No point in worrying about what
> could happen before it does...

I just wrote in another message, these questions all arise for me in
preparing a package, and finding examples of both ways of doing things
in the tree already. I figure from the 'consensus' in the replies to
these, I can create a better list of guidelines for pkg-ers, to go
along with the FAQ I'm creating for David B.

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