Subject: Re: Five and a half more pkgsrc questions.
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/06/2000 23:52:15
On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, David Maxwell wrote:

> 5. static libraries (.a) distributed with a package don't need to 
> be installed when:

You mean, if dynamic libraries are installed? Then, yes, install the
static, too, so the choice can be made with flags to "ld".
> 6. {INSTALL_MAN_DIR} should be used instead of ${MKDIR} when:
> (A) Creating ${PREFIX}/share/[docs|examples|man]/X

IMO, it looks better to go with the highest level of abstraction,
INSTALL_DATA_DIR or INSTALL_MAN_DIR, but it's not like you could
usefully override this particular one to set a policy, since many
packages do "mkdir -p ${PREFIX}/man/man1" in their own makefile.

> 7. It is acceptable to build X11 optional packages:
> (A) as a text-only package
> (B) as an X-11 only package

I don't know, but conflicts are bad, as they foil the bulk builds.
Especially if the non-X part would be identical, splitting the package
seems to be the way to go.

> 8. Packages with options for supporting NetBSD features (i.e. IPV6)
> should be:
> (A) Never committed without support.
> (B) Committed with all the features the pkger can test.
> Someone else can fix other features later.
> (C) Prepared as far as possible, then referenced on tech-pkg, to find
> someone with the required hardware/software to complete the pkg.
> (D) B or C, judgement call based on pkg value without those features.

I wish someone would tell me. :-)

I would upgrade wwwoffle to 2.5c, but I'm holding off because I can't
get around the ipv6 patches.

> 9. Creating a new pkgsrc category 'exper' to distribute new utilities
> proposed for future NetBSD releases, or test versions of utilities is:

"cvs co othersrc/README"

Hmmm. It appears that anoncvs can't presently fetch othersrc, even
though it's listed with "cvs co -c". Neither is it available on cvsweb
or, nor is it suppable. Probably an oversight.