Subject: error building mutt
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/28/2000 10:35:08
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

I can't build mutt on a current-ish Pentium machine. Yes,
I updated pkgsrc yesterday and pkg_deleted ncurses first, and have
rebuilt it before doing this.

What do I miss?

cosinus# uname -a
NetBSD cosinus 1.4P NetBSD 1.4P (GENERIC) #13: Mon Dec 13 17:26:36 CET 1999     ignatios@cosinus:/var/obj/kernel/GENERIC i386
cosinus# pwd   
cosinus# make
===>  Building for mutt-1.0.1
make  all-recursive
Making all in doc
Making all in intl
Making all in m4
Making all in po
Making all in contrib
Making all in charsets
cd . && sh ./gen_charsets
cc -DSHAREDIR=\"/usr/pkg/share/mutt\" -DSYSCONFDIR=\"/usr/pkg/etc\"             -DHAVE_CONFIG_H=1 -I. -I/usr/pkg/include  -I/usr/pkg/include -I./intl  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H=1 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H=1 -O2 -c addrbook.c
In file included from mutt_menu.h:23,
		 from addrbook.c:20:
		 keymap.h:99: keymap_defs.h: No such file or directory
 *** Error code 1

 *** Error code 1

 gmake: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 1
 *** Error code 2

 *** Error code 1

 *** Error code 1


Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="pkg_info.cos"

ssh-1.2.27          Secure shell client and server (remote login program).
pkglibtool-1.2p2    Generic shared library support script for NetBSD packages
perl-5.00404        Practical Extraction and Report Language
cvs-1.10            Concurrent Versions System
addnerd-1.6         A small C utility to add a user
autoconf-2.13       Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
automake-1.4        GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
gmake-3.78.1        GNU version of 'make' utility
ncurses-5.0         CRT screen handling and optimization package
mpg123-0.59r        Command-line player for mpeg layer 1, 2 and 3 audio
tcl-8.0.5           Ousterhout's Tool Command Language, a scripting language.
xpm-3.4k            The X Pixmap library.
jpeg-6b             IJG's jpeg compression utilities.
asclock-11          NeXTstep-like clock and calendar.
teTeX-share-1.0     Machine-independent part of teTeX
tk-8.0.5            Graphical toolkit for TCL
sdr-2.7             MBone Session Directory
libwww-5.1m1        The W3C Reference Library.
imm-3.6a1           Internet Image(or other data) Multicaster (and receiver).
nte-1.5a23          Multicast Network Text Editor
rat-3.0.28          Robust Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing
icsi-finger-1.0.27  Distributed finger service.
tcsh-6.08.00        An extended C-shell with many useful features.
xforms-0.88         A graphical user interface toolkit for X Window System.
vat-4.0b2           The Visual Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing
Mesa-3.0            A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL.
vic-2.8             MBONE video tool.
gettext-0.10.35     tools for providing messages in different languages
png-1.0.3           Library for manipulating PNG images.
faces-1.6.1         visual mail, user and print face server
knews-1.0b1         A X11 newsreader with support for threading and MIME
screen-3.9.5        A multi-screen window manager.
xli-1.16            a version of xloadimage, an X11 Image Loading Utility.
Xaw3d-1.5           3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set
freetype-1.2        TrueType font rendering engine and library API
gv-3.5.8            A PostScript and PDF previewer.
ghostscript-5.50    Aladdin Postscript interpreter.
glib-1.2.6          Some useful routines for C programming
f2c-19980913        Fortran to C compiler (translates fortran to C).
pvm-3.4.2           Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment
tiff-3.5.2          library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
xlockmore-4.14      Like XLock session locker/screen saver, but just more
xsnow-1.40          Create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
xautolock-1.15      Activate xlock after a user defined time of inactivity
m4-1.4              GNU version of Unix m4 macro-processor
pth-1.2.0           GNU Portable Thread library
url2pkg-1.4         Shellscript to help with the first steps to build a package.
lrzsz-0.12.18       Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol.  (unrestrictive)
netcat-1.10         Read and write data across network connections
xanim-2.80.1        play most popular animation formats and show pictures
kermit-6.0.192      File transfer and terminal emulation utility for serial lines.
vigor-0.009         nvi with excessive online "help"
libghttp-1.0.4      GNOME http client library
gindent-2.2.4       GNU version of pretty-printer for C source code
magicpoint-1.06a    X11 based presentation tool