Subject: MySQL package
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/26/2000 15:04:53

I have been tracking this list for a while but I am nowhere near beeing
qualified to make this small change myself. Therefore I would like to
suggest to this list that someone more qualified made a change to the
MySQL package based upon the experiences I have had with:
mysql-client-3.22.27 MySQL, a free SQL database (client)
mysql-server-3.22.27 MySQL, a free SQL database (server)

A lot of users (well: me :-)) would like to start the MySQL daemon at boot
time but there isn't supplied any info on this. SSH and Apache does this
in a nice way in rc.d.

My suggestion would be
A) Create "/usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/" with the package containing:
        /usr/pkg/bin/safe_mysqld &
        echo -n ' mysqld'

B) Add a final comment after install that "/etc/rc.local" could be edited
to contain something like:
        # Start MySQL daemon
Perhaps even add it automagically but with the .sh script as commented
out. I do not know wether it is kosher for the package files to fiddle
with /etc files. But just removing a # appeals to my laziness and I think
it would be easier for us newbies.

Kind Regards,
Claus Andersen