Subject: Four pkg building design questions
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/24/2000 00:12:04
For convienience, it's multiple choice, but feel free to make
new recommendations - I'm not doing statistics ;-)

These are some things someone (me :-) might like to know when assembling
a pkg. Is there an authoritative answer to any of these?

1. When a FreeBSD port exists, importing it and making changes from there is:
(A) Required
(B) Required, if the NetBSD pkg draws from it.
(C) Preferred (criteria?)
(D) Optional (criteria?)

2. Packages with libs or includes should have their own directory in
$PREFIX/[lib/include] when:
(A) Any of their files have non-standard extensions (.a .so .h)
(B) Any of their files have generic names (parser.h list.h ...)
(C) The package has more than 2 files.

3. contrib type files, like example scripts for use with a pkg should be:
(A) installed in share/doc/(pkg)
(B) installed in share/example/(pkg)
(C) installed in bin/ (Even if it forces otherwise unneeded DEPENDS on perl?)

4. libraries distributed with a package should be:
(A) Treated as part of the package
(B) Broken out into their own package
(C) B, if likely to be used by other packages.
(D) A or B at packager's discretion (criteria?)

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