Subject: flex-2.5.4a
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/13/2000 23:41:56

I've been asked to test the internal debugger of kdevelop-current on
NetBSD-i386 and have since spent considerable time in getting this package
operational. It came as a big surprise when in the final stages
kdevelop failed to link due to missing prototyps of yy_flex_alloc() and
yy_flex_free() in ./kdevelop/kdevelop/classparser/ This
file is generated during the configuration process using flex.
My initial work around was to add the required proto types manually and
succesfully completed kdevelop-current. 

Not being an expert on this matter, it appears as if our flex doesn't
do the right thing. My next step was to compile devel/flex only to
greeted by a message indicating the lack of support for NetBSD.

Being disobidient the way I am, I've just ignored this little obstical
and continued with the job of building flex-2.5.4a. 

The compile went fine without any further warning messages. To make
things worse, it even managed to generated a working

What are the reasons for flagging the port of flex-2.5.4
unsuitable for any netbsd of the platforms but SunOS? The version
numbers of the interal flex binary and that generated by the
port package are identical. Nevertheless, they produce different
results... and only the external package produced appeared to be doing
the right thing in case of kdevelop.

BTW: PR bin/8258 reported by Nick Hudson in Aug 99 seems to be
related to this problem...

cheerio Berndt
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