Subject: Re: USE_INET6 idea, fixed
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/09/2000 08:41:04
>Actually, I think I misspoke my thoughts in my last post.  What I think
>would be best for USE_INET6 is:
>- USE_INET6 would not exist at all.
>- A conditional flag, HAS_INET6, would be detected by to compile
>  in IPv6 support, if the pkg cannot detect this during compile.
>- Only pkgs which have _incompatible_ IPv4 and IPv6 functionality, or those
>  which cannot detect IPv6 at runtime, should be compilable with and without
>  IPv6, as _separate_ pkgs (progname and progname6).
>Binary pkgs would therefore contain IPv6 support in all possible pkgs.

	The above proposal is just fine, except tricky situation with
	"latest pkgsrc on 1.4 branch" - some of packages bark if there's no
	getaddrinfo(3).  Anyway we should sort it out, by fixing original

	Is it correct that you are saying binary package builders/people
	compile packages need to set HAS_INET6 in mk.conf, if they are working
	on 1.5?  Or will it be automatically defined by trick?
	(like exit status from "ifconfig lo0 inet6")