Subject: RE: pkg/9124: rar package does not build on i386
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2000 13:47:31
[Gnats stripped from distribution, tech-pkg added for discussion.]

[For those of you not following upto now: usr/pkgsrc/archivers/rar is a
binary package and requires certain COMPAT_ options in the kernel. I
stumbled over it and tried to install. My architecture was OK, but the
COMPAT stuff was missing (and I'm not going to add it). The failure mode of
the install was - uhm - suboptimal. Someone please close the PR - pilot

> I just read pkg/COMMENT and pkg/DESCR. The first one says that it's a
> binary port (which is perhaps bad wording), and the second explicitly
> mentions COMPAT_12 :-)

I didn't :-(
I came along some self extracting EXE file and didn't trust it. The README
mentioned it being made with RAR compression, I looked in
usr/pkgsrc/archivers and found packages for it. Fine, I installed unrar and
extracted the EXE. For symetry reasons, I tried to install rar as well.

What I was thinking of is more in the line of ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES, a
fine-tuned description of the needed architecture, forcefully checked by the

Is there a way to check COMPAT_ and emulation options via systctl? If not,
we should add it!