Subject: Re: pkgsrc/www/apache6 / mod_proxy install problems
To: Jon Buller <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2000 01:55:41
	cc'ed to tech-pkg as it may of interest.

	Symptom: pkgsrc/www/apache6 behaves strange if we turn on
	proxying in configuration file ("ProxyRequests on").

>This was done on NetBSD/pc532-current as of 3-5 days ago.  From
>memory, the message was something like "can't find _mod_proxyattr".
>Please excuse the vague recollection, I got several different error
>messages depending on exactly what I did.  I even tried adding
>--enable-module=proxy and replacing --enable-shared with --enable-module,
>but those attempts did not seem to have any effect.
>It is possible that everything will work as it is and I just did
>the LoadFile wrong.  In that case, I'd just make a small diff to
>add the proper line (commented out) in httpd.conf.  I will try to
>recreate the problem tonight or tomorrow and send more information.

	I tried pkgsrc/www/apache6 myself again, on NetBSD-current/i386,
	and it seem to work fine.  There was a configuration twist. though:

	You have the following lines in httpd.conf as default setting:
>LoadModule proxy_module       lib/httpd/

	The second line looks strange to me, as we reqested certain module
	explicitly in the first line and then remove it.
	If you have those directives, you will see the following error
	message from the server, into /var/log/httpd/error_log:
[Fri Jan  7 08:42:34 2000] [error] Cannot remove module mod_proxy.c: not found in module list
	Hmm, makes sense.

	And if configured like this, apache server will not do proxying.
	If contacted from clients as their proxy, it just accept any URL and
	return its own top page as a result.

	For me, removing ClearModuleList saved me from the error message
	and strange behavior.  I'm not sure if it is correct thing to do.
	How should we change the default httpd.conf to help other people?
	I'm waiting for comment from apache guru...