Subject: turn on USE_INET6 by default
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2000 02:41:24
	I propose to turn on USE_INET6 by default in before going
	into 1.5 freeze, like:


	Having this global option like this would complicate binary package
	building/shipping process.  I think we certainly do not want to ship
	two binary packages - one for IPv4 only and one for IPv6.
	Also USE_INET6 complicates package Makefile-writing process.  We need
	to check a package twice, to make sure it compiles/works fine.

	This proposal assumes one thing: packages should be IPv4/v6 dual
	stack ready, not "IPv6-only ready" (in most cases it is true).
	We may ship "foo" and "foo6", if:
	- foo6 is IPv6-only ready, and foo is IPv4-only ready.
	- foo and foo6 is not 100% compatible, and modifying foo package
	  directory for IPv4/v6 support would break other things.
	  example: we have www/apache and www/apache6.  this is because
	  (1) there are other packages that depend on www/apache, and
	  (2) www/apache6 changes some of internal C structures in apache,
	  and it can break other packages that depends upon www/apache
	  (I have no example of breakage, but I can't be sure)

	If package Makefile includes ".if ${USE_INET6}" clause, one can
	build IPv4-only binary by doing "make USE_INET6=NO".  This can help
	people if he really cares about binary size.

	I would like to know your opinions.