Subject: Re: pkgtools ver. (was Re: My prayers have been heared!)
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/17/1999 21:29:42
Bill Studenmund said:

>Are you SURE they got installed into /usr/sbin? Did you check time stamps?
>I expect they did NOT get installed into /usr/sbin. Why? Two reasons: 1) I
>ran into this, and 2) the environment variable which says where to install
>these packages, 'BINDIR', is only set in the
>pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_install/Makefile file. If you just cd to
>work/pkg_install, it wont' be set, and you'll end up installing into / (at
>least that's what I did).

I haven't a clue. The Makefile was correct. When I do a "make install"
in the pkg_install directory the shell prompt returns immediately.

If I install by hand into /usr/sbin, the pkg utilities still don't
recognize the fact that the latest sources are there.

The machine is running NetBSD/i386 1.3. Maybe there were some subtle
changes to the package system for 1.4?

I've sat here and compared "make -d A install" for this system and a
1.4.1 system, but I wasn't enlightened.

Rick Kelly