Subject: Re: pkg/8982: change in pkg_install breaks third party product packaging
To: None <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/11/1999 20:25:11
Hubert Feyrer writes:
- On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > >Fix:
- > 	Chagne the `-s' flag back to source-directory, and use another flag
- > for SizePkg..
- Given that 's' and 'S' need to be both available in pkg_create and
- pkg_info, finding something appropriate isn't that easy. Would giving
- some other switch (-L for location? Suggestions welcome!) be ok for you? 

	Hmm.. Well, the FreeBSD and OpenBSD are still using `-s'
for the source directory..  I'd rather not have to special case
NetBSD in our Imakefiles.. :-/

	Convince OpenBSD and FreeBSD to pick up the change, and
I'd be a happy camper.. :-)

- BTW may I dare to ask for a bit more information on how to reproduce this?

	Sure, you may..  :-)

- I'm mostly interrested in how you do these 'package up uninstalled(?)'
- builds.

	Our (Im|M)akefiles understand DESTDIR, so we build, and
then install into an alternate directory, using something
roughly like:

	make install DESTDIR=`pwd`/../install

followed by

	make package DESTDIR=`pwd`/../install

where the package target looks like this:

	# lifted from our pkg/Imakefile
	# <edit/generate the INSTALL, UNINSTALL, README,
	# COPYRIGHT, packing list, etc files>
	pkg_create -f /tmp/PLIST.devel -c $(TOP)/CURDIR/COMMENT  \	@@\
            -d $(TOP)/CURDIR/DESCR -v -p $(PROJECTROOT) \		@@\
            -i /tmp/INSTALL -k /tmp/INSTALL \				@@\
            -s $(DESTDIR)/$(PROJECTROOT) -D /tmp/COPYRIGHT \		@@\
            $(PRODUCT)-develop-$$REL-$$OS.tgz ;

-         Also, do you do this in pkgsrc packages, or on some of your own?

	Our own.  We are Software2Go, LLC, and offer Motif 2.1.x for 
NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux on SPARC, Alpha and i386 platforms
(with more under consideration.) (for more details on the product, visit  Our products are packaged using the native
packaging tools on the BSD's, in the belief that people will be more
comfortable using the OS provided packaging tools instead of anything
would could have rolled on our own.. (of course, on Linux, this was
impossible, as there are at least three common packaging formats!)

- If so, which? (asking out of sheer curiosity). Please feel free to answer
- the latter paragraph on, as I think more people would
- be interrested in that.

	I'm reminded of another annoyance with NetBSD's pkg_create. It
inserts all of the files that are being bundled into the pkg.db
database, even when using an alternate source location.  I haven't
previously reported this, as I haven't had the time to track down the
problem in the source, and suggest a fix.

- Thanks!

	Thank you! for making NetBSD a wonderful product!

Eric Schnoebelen
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